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Neesh was a a great inspirational speaker. She shared so many stories and personal experiences that were both informative and inspiring. It felt like I was having a conversation with an old friend but I learned sooo much. I enjoyed each session with her and I am forever changed by being a part of her programs. I still have a lot to learn but I feel closer to my goals since working with Neesh!

S. Butler

Neesh's coaching was one of the most valuable and impactful sessions that I have ever had. I learned so much about credit, investing, and homeownership. She gave me the confidence that I needed to raise my credit score to the 700s, purchase my first home, and continue to build a strong relationship with my money!

S. Grier

Neesh's delivery of financial concepts, her explanations, and her willingness to answer questions were all extremely helpful. I appreciated the ways that she shared her own experiences and was relatable throughout the whole mentorship program. The sessions with Neesh and the experts that she brought in were very helpful and exposed me to so much information that I didn't know before. I would highly recommend mentorship with Neesh!

A. Robinson

I found Neesh's mentorship to be extremely beneficial, and I would consider it the most important course I took during my time at HJM. I learned so much about finance and how to position myself for financial success! I am confident that everything that I learned will help me and my children in the future and I can't wait to purchase my first property!

J. Foster

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