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A modern day Harriet Tubman, leading women, men and children of color towards financial freedom.

Rhonesha Howerton, affectionately known as Neesh, is a serial entrepreneur with an extensive portfolio in various business entities. Rhonesha holds the title of CEO, Author, Educator, Coach, and Investor. More important than any title she holds, is the heart-work and passion that awakens Rhonesha each day to pursue the endless fight of eradicating systemic poverty for Black and Brown people.

She is the founder and CEO of Credit Medics LLC. Rhonesha is also the founder of the Queening Mentorship program and the author of the book; Queening: (Queen + Winning). She is the host of the Neesh Speaks Podcast where she coined the phrase “I’m giving you financial game so that you can obtain financial gain” Rhonesha is a venture capitalist with a commitment to serve small black and brown business startups. Additionally, Ms. Howerton is a prominent real estate investor in Pennsylvania and beyond.

Ms. Howerton’s primary goal is to educate, inspire, and uplift those who desire financial freedom and independence. She tours the country speaking at colleges, high schools, and public seminars. Rhonesha serves as a small business and finance coach for clients throughout the United States. Ms. Howerton takes great joy in educating individuals, especially our youth, about financial literacy through her many community initiatives including bringing Credit Medics Teen University to Pennsylvania area middle and high schools. Neesh has successfully implemented her financial literacy program within several school districts to help bridge the wealth gap by teaching our children to build a strong, healthy financial future.

Rhonesha is a certified Credit Counselor who studied business and entrepreneur management at the Wharton School of Business. Ms. Howerton has helped thousands of clients find their way to financial freedom. Her knowledge and guidance has helped clients restore and build credit, establish business credit, while enhancing their overall credit scores and credit profiles substantially. Rhonesha has secured client’s access to working capital from various lenders, banks and financial institutions. More than that, she has assisted hundreds of clients in becoming first time homebuyers.

Rhonesha has always been inspired by people who have stories of overcoming adversities and those who are not afraid to be transparent to share their stories of triumph with others. Coming from a poverty-stricken neighborhood together with having escaped the statistics, Ms. Howerton has found her purpose as well as passion in encouraging and helping others reach their fullest potential, while cheering them on to the finish line.

Rhonesha Howerton is the modern day Harriet Tubman, leading women, men and children of color towards financial freedom.


Each of us deserves greatness. It is our birthright to live a life that we love and it starts with understanding money and how to make it work for you. Financial Literacy is the key!

I am committed

To create a new narrative for women of color and change the way that we see ourselves, and the ways we connect with one another. Through my experiences and mentorship, I hope to empower young adults, mothers, business owners, and women of the world to find wholeness - mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially.

You can find me

Traveling the world with my son and network of girlfriends, enjoying great food, making memories, living good and laughing every chance that I get. Life is too short to not enjoy every minute of your life! Don’t count the days but make everyday count!

My Mission

"To promote wholeness and alignment in individuals' lives, encompassing mental, spiritual, physical, and financial well-being, and to empower and assist everyone I touch in finding wholeness in their relationships, health, and finances."

Speaking & Events

Neesh is one of the most sought-after motivational speakers and life coach who helps people achieve their goals & overcome challenges.

Neesh is a very sought-after motivational speakers and financial coach who helps people achieve their goals & overcome challenges in life, business, and financial literacy.

What sets Neesh apart is her ability to educate and inspire in a way that her audience relates to. Whether speaking to a classroom full of high school students, a webinar of business owners, or mothers through her Mommy & Me mentorship program, an interaction with Neesh is one that is never forgotten. Her relatability keeps her audience captivated and provides real world advice, action items, inspiration, and encouragement. Participants leave feeling a sense of transformation and a desire to create change in every area of their life.

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