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Credit Medics Teen University Webinar

Teen Webinar: Credit & Finance

18 Feb 2024

2:00 pm EST

The Credit Medics “Teen University” webinar was created to reach our adolescent youth with information they can really use in life. These teachings can help them become self-sufficient, self-reliant, and independent adults. During this webinar, our teens will learn what credit is, how to manage credit, and acquire the know how for long-term financial planning. Such as How to manage credit cards, How to build good credit and How to avoid bad credit. Our teens who complete the Teen University webinar will benefit tremendously by receiving a financial education for their personal and professional future.

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The Visionary Dinner

12 Dec 2023

6:00 pm EST

Big Bentley Neesh Known For Financial Consulting, Investing Life Coaching & Motivating Others


Money & Credit Seminar

18 Nov 2023

2:00 pm EST

Presented By Councilwoman Risheena Young-Payne &
Guest Speaker, Rhonesha Howerton


The Mideset of Money & Credit


14 Oct 2023

7:00 pm EST

Hosted by Financial Educator & Business Strategist Rhonesha “Neesh” Howerton


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